Friday, July 7, 2017

New Website

Summer is here and I've been busy with life (aren't we all) and trying to launch my new website.

This new site is in addition to my Etsy shop.

I will still be offering vintage finds but will be adding more hand made to this shop.

I hope you visit my new shop soon!

Click here to visit:

Seaside Rose Creations

Saturday, March 25, 2017

The days are longer now, even though it's still cold in our neck of the woods.  We still get a "tease" day here and there.  Pushing to 70 degrees, but once the sun goes down, it's chillzville.

I love Spring when it's WARM.  Gardening, planting, cleaning out the plant beds.  All Spring fun to look forward to.

Since it's too cold these days (and rainy too), I have been de-cluttering our nest on the inside.

So hot right now are all the HGTV decorating shows.  Decorating on a budget, thrifting, recycling and repurposing.  All things I have been a fan of, for years!

If you spend any time on Instagram and are a lover of Farmhouse Style decor, you may have noticed the rage of wood beads.  Beads used for garlands, "vase jewelry" or just ropes of them to lay prettily across your decor.

I made a set and they are in my shop now.  You can purchase them here.

That's all for now.

Hope Spring arrives soon in your neck of the woods!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Decorating your home in the Bohemian style can be easy and inexpensive.

Here are some ideas:

Get your boho jam going with some coiled baskets, wicker, bamboo and brass.

Mid Century Modern decor goes (brass) goes perfect with the Boho Chic look as well as a MCM home.

A gallery wall can be filled with wicker and straw baskets, trays and hats.

Brass bowls and pots are great for holding air plants, succulents and cacti.

Check out Pinterest and search Boho Decor, Boho Decorationg, Jungalow Chic and Bohemian for some decorating ideas.

Shop flea markets, thirfts and Etsy to find some great pieces to go with your Boho Jam.

Happy Weekend everyone!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sweet Rustic Home

Heatwave in NJ but I have Fall on my mind.

Sweet rustic touches for the home.

Goodbye August.  You are "the Sunday of Summer".

Ironstone, vintage laces, buttons and old game pieces add rustic, farmhouse and cozy touches to your Fall decor.


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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Beach Cottage Touches

Soon, my fireplace mantle will be graced with signs of Autumn.  
For now, these last few weeks of Summer, it will remain decorated with thrifted finds that lend themselves to the Beach Cottage look.

Everything on my mantle are thrift store finds with the exception of family photos.

A bunch of frames given a fresh coat of white sit along with pretty ironstone creamers and starfish.

There is something about an empty frame.  I have them everywhere.
One of these days I plan on making a Gallery Wall filled with them and other signs and photos. 
That's a "chore" for another day.

This old brass compass sits on my coffee table.  It's broken and the mirror is cracked.  But I love the patina and it looks so pretty next to my dish filled with seashells.

I am loving on this fan.  I don't usually find them when I'm treasure hunting.  This blue is my inspiration for the change over I am working on right now in the Living Room.  I am going to add touches of this all around.  Pillows, candles, jars and bottles.  That is my "Fall Project".

I love the Beach Cottage look and it works so well with shabby and farmhouse style pretties too.

Enjoy what is left of your summer!


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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Transferware Love

I've shared that recently I've really become smitten with transferware.

I look for it now when I'm out thrifting and wonder how many wonderful pieces I've walked on by without a second thought!

I love the saucer on this set.  The little scrolled edges are my fav!

This is the Windsor Pattern by Ridgeway Staffordshire England.

The colors and patterns here go great with Farmhouse Decor.

Joining up today at Let's Talk Vintage.

Have a great week everyone!


Monday, April 20, 2015

Vintage Blues

Happy RAINY Spring!

Getting back on the blog bandwagon and today I will join Embracing Cottage Style's Vintage Blue Party.

I love this sweet creamer.  It's a little vintage Pyrex creamer with a dainty blue pattern on the top.

Another sweet creamer made by Syracuse China company.

I love using these cuties as small bud vases.  The blue on this is such a pretty shade.  I've never come across any of this style/pattern before while thrift hunting.

These pretty aqua earrings are a new line in my shop.  I've started creating hand made earrings for brides and bridesmaids.  I love this shade of blue.  The glass stones are vintage and they hang from new gold plated ear wires.  All items here can be purchased in my Etsy shop.

Joining up today with Embracing Cottage Style's Vintage Blue Party.  Click link for more vintage blue goodness.  

Also joining up with Bell Rosa Antiques' Let's Talk Vintage Party.

Have fun!


Thursday, December 4, 2014

Mason Jar Snowman

Mason jars are really "the thing" these days.  I've had a love of them for forever though.

I love the vintage ones...the blue Ball Jars with the zinc lids.  

But I digress....mason jars are all the rage for creating.  There are so many neat ideas out there.  Just type "mason jar craft" in Pinterest and you'll see what I mean!  LOL

I painted a clear mason jar with a cottage white paint and painted the lid black.

Glue on some black buttons (and crooked too for that extra primitive look) and add ribbon of your choice.

  I like the wired ribbon since it hangs nicely and you can arrange it however you like.

This "snowman" mason jar ends up being such a cute addition to your holiday decor.

It's simple, quick and easy enough for the kids to make too.

Hope you are having a great December!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Brown Transferware and Fall

A few weeks ago, after blog hopping and playing around on Pinterest (a lot!!), I realized that I really loved brown Transferware.  I adore the way it looks grouped with white Irontone!

I didn't own any pieces and never purchased any when I was out treasure hunting (for me or my shop).   I found these sweet berry bowls last week.  They are part of the Harvest Clarice Cliff Dinnerware set (made in England).  I am kicking myself because I didn't realize how adorable this pattern was and I didn't pick up more pieces that day.  It's very delicate and dainty.  There were bowls and plates to match and I am going to run back tomorrow for more!

I found these in the last few weeks too.  The marking on the back calls this set "The Traveler" by Kingsway Ohio, USA.

Put together, these pieces look amazing.  I love them.  Right now some are going in my shop and some will stay with me.  I haven't started my inside Fall decorating yet but when I do, these will be front and center!

Happy Thrifting and Happy Fall!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Flowers For Fall

I'm not really a "yellow" person but one of the perennials we have is a Black Eyed Susan.

They really are a "happy" flower, I think.  Don't you?

I just LOVE the way an old mason jar looks holding a bunch of seasonal flowers.

Our gardens, here in NJ, were horrible this year.  We had too much rain and way cooler days than average.  None of my hanging pots made it and I didn't even bother planting annuals.

I am looking foward to getting fall potted plants going.  The weather is cooling down and it has me in a real Fall mood.

Have a great week!


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Monday, August 4, 2014

Summer Thrifts

 Wait, what????  It's August already?

 I do NOT know where time is flying to these days!

Summer is hard for me to get out and treasure hunt.  Kids are home,  traveling, visiting, bad weather!  

I have managed a few thrift shopping trips.  This is a small part of what I've managed to collect this summer, so far.

I am always on the hunt for the "usual suspects" as I like to call them.  Ironstone, pitchers, milk glass, etc.

Every summer, we travel to upstate NY to visit my husband's family.  There are some neat old shops up there and I usually find some treasures.  This year was no different.  I've been on the hunt for a vintage marmalade crock and I found one in a dusty old shop!

Some of these goodies I will keep for myself and others will end up in my shop (decisions, decisions).

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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Christmas In July

It's July and they tell me half the year is over.  How is that possible?

I just want to enjoy the warmth that we are FINALLY getting and yet, it's that time of year again.

Time when retailers celebrate Christmas In July.

I just want to be at the beach!

I've always hated how the seasons are rushed, but once I opened my Etsy Shop

I have had to keep up with the trends.  It's a little fun digging out the holiday ornaments and listing them.

Check back for my Christmas In July sales coming soon!

Meanwhile, I'll be dreaming about the sea!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I Love Pitchers

I love ironstone but  my favorite pieces usually end up being the pitchers.

I can never pass up a new find when I'm out treasure hunting at thrift stores.

Most of them end up in my shop but a few I can't bear to part with.

I love using them as small vases and in groupings.  They are adorable.

Right now, they are filled with dried Baby's Breath.

I also love dried Hydrangea and usually you can find a little pitcher/creamer filled with some.

Just hung up this shelf.  It was just what the space next to the (ugly) black, flat screen TV needed!

Here's to Spring and filling my little pitchers with real flowers from my garden.


Friday, April 4, 2014

Spring But Not

Well, the calendar may say Spring, but the weather didn't get the memo.

I have a batch of these vintage letter cards (from an old 1970's Probe game) and they are great for displays.  I make banners or display them on vintage flower frogs.

I've been anticipating the warmth and sunshine.  

Too cold to paint outside and the long, cold days leave me uninspired.

I've been doing a little "computer house cleaning" and came upon some photos of past creations.

All of these were painted awhile ago and sold.  All living happily in their new homes.

Hoping to get the painting/creative itch soon.

I am linking up today at Debra's Common Ground Be Inspired Party.

Sundays At Home at Thoughts From Alice

Take a peek and join the fun!
Have a great weekend!


Monday, February 3, 2014

White Hearts and Monday Marketplace

Are these not the cutest?  Sweet vintage heart shaped doilies!

I have two of these cuties and I actually forgot I had them.  I've never seen heart shaped doilies.  Perfect for this time of year!  They'd make a precious bunting for a wedding too (wish I had more or I'd do just that!)

We are in for more rain/snow on the East Coast, today.

Perfect day to do your online shopping!  So glad there are online "fleas" to go to for our "retail therapy".

I am joining up today with Etsy Cottag Style's Market Monday.

Come visit the virtual flea market and have fun shopping!
(click link below to visit Market Monday)

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Patina and Whites

I've shared how I'm really into the Farmhouse and whites going forward here in our home.  It fills my home (most of it, now) and my shop.  The beauty is that almost everything in my shop can be displayed.  I don't have to find places to store it all!

I've also come to really love the vintage and worn look of silver.   I adore pairing it up with the whites and especially ironstone!

The more tarnished, the better.  Love adding a pretty ribbon and just laying these on my dining room buffet for more added charm.

I LOVE this style shaker.  I don't come across too many of these and I always scoop them up when I do!

I found a few more of vintage creamers recently and love posing them in a grouping.  I usually sell them but I am so smitten with these anymore that I am going to start keeping more for myself.  I LOVE using these for small bud vases around the house.

We got MORE snow here at the Jersey Shore and all I can say is I'm ready for winter to leave the building.


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