Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Holiday Pretties

Sharing some holiday creations today. 
This is a reindeer that is an iridescent white.  I've added hand painted rosebuds, some sparkly bling and some paper flowers.  It looks so pretty anywhere I place her.  She still hasn't found her "forever home" yet.  I can't decided where I want to keep her!  LOL
I've got a batch of these vintage skates just waiting their turns for makeovers.  This past year (and more, actually) has been filled with many ups and downs.   My health issues, Hurricane Sandy, my daughter's health issues, etc..  I have decided that my new mantra is the John Lennon quote "Life happens when you are busy making other plans".  This very organized, go getting  gal has been thrown so many curve balls lately that I have decided that from now on I just need to remember to go thru life flying by the seat of my pants and not to expect to get anything done that I had wanted! 
So, you see....maybe the ice skates will be finished after Christmas.  When they will be used for beautiful "winter decor" instead of "holiday decor".  My new normal....
Pretty green toasting glasses.  They are a pale green with hand painted roses.   I'm thinking champagne on New Year's Eve!
So, I hope to be posting more but yanno...that other shoe keeps falling!
Enjoy your visit, thanks for stopping by and Happy December!!!

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Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Love those skates and you are right, they will look pretty all winter long!

must love junk said...

The skates are beautiful-love them! It sounds like you have a good attitude through all your 'trials' :)

The Polka Dot Closet said...

I say just carry on and don't wait until New years eve for champagne! I love the deer and the skates. I bet next year will be perfect!


Tracey Steele@Breathing English Air said...

I think that is the best attitude to have.
Beautiful creations. The glasses are so elegant.

Shabby chic Sandy said...

Everything is so pretty--love that deer!


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