Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fall Whites

 I am one of those that rue the way retailers rush each season and holiday.

I'm the person looking for a winter coat in January (the nerve of me!) only to find bathing suits out.

So, it's pretty funny to me that after 47 years I've "given in" (almost). 

Right after the 4th of July, retailers around here started stocking their shelves with Halloween/Fall goodies.  I would look away (LOL).

With summer winding down now and seeing all the lovely goodies being listed on Etsy, I've actually given in (just a bit).

I didn't mind this white pumpkin.  I had fun embellishing it last night with creamy stained seam binding, vanilla fibers and millinery in varying shades of browns.

I found these adorable pumpkins in one of my favorite shops.  I'm debating on painting them white or not.  What do you think?

I love this wood compote.  Our family had a larger one growing up and it held the nuts that were put out on our holiday table.  NEVER once did I ever see one of these in someone elses home.  Not until I began junkin, thrifting, collecting and selling online did I find these vintage compotes.  Some left in their original browns and others painted up.
I painted it white and distressed it A LOT.  Love the way it came out.

Have a great Wednesday!

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BailiwickStudio said...

Fall seems to come quicker than ever before! I love your pumpkin - I happen to collect white pumpkins. ::Jill

Gail said...

I agree- retailers rush us on seasonal changes. White is so very different, eye catching for autumnal decorating. You've encouraged me to try it this year for the first time.

Holly- Girls At Heart said...

I like to paint pumpkins in all different colors! I have some waiting for me right now. Thanks for the reminder!

Speaking of all the nerve, we went all over town looking for an air matress for the pool the other day and they were almost all gone! We finally found the last 2 at Walgreens!

Janet said...

I'm so ready for fall decorating! I really love how you embellished your white pumpkin!

Ido said...

I can't wait for fall, my favorite time of the year, can't wait for those spectacular oranges, yellow and reds combined with the blue spruce pines, breathtaking. I bought some pumpkins with the idea of painting them white, I had in mind white, glitter and crystals to adorn my pumpkins, now I'm not so sure, may be I will transform one for my white bedroom, I think the rest will leave them orange. Your pumpkin looks beautiful and that compote is so pretty, I want one of those.
Enjoy your day!

Ginger said...

Love the pumpkin. I'm ready for fall. I have one of the wooden compote also. You did a great job.

Tammy said...

I had been thinking about you and wondering what you'd been up to lately. I love your beautiful fall whites. The pumpkin is lovely. What will you put in your compote? I also hate how the retailers won't seem to let us enjoy the season at hand. Good grief! Hope you are well! Many blessings,

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

I've been looking for one of these while out thriftin'...maybe soon I will find her!!



Linda suggested we come and visit you and I'm also a follower now, no need to say your blog is beautiful! I love fall and, of course, your whites and all the pretty things you've posted here. The pumpkin is so cute, I love white ones. Fabulous job, so glad I met you. FABBY


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