Monday, July 11, 2011

Teacup Planter

A few posts back (click here if you missed it), I shared a batch of thrift goodies I found.  I mentioned that I have way too many teacups displayed or awaiting their turn for a makeover.  I use them to create lamps and sconces.  Anyhoo...this one was the cutest thing ever and even though I promised myself I wouldn't buy anymore, I couldn't pass this one up.  I love how it's in perfect condition and has gold leafing.  The colors in the rose sprays are just amazing. 

This sweetie has been sitting around and I've used it to display a single rose in water.  But I don't always have cut roses.  Then I remembered that I saw succulents displayed this way somewhere (can't remember where), so I went out and got me a cute little succulent and here she is.
This is so sweet I know this won't be my first teacup planter. 

Let me know what you think!


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Thoughtfully Blended Hearts said...

Just beautiful . . . I love displaying the succulents in this beautiful piece of china!!!
Have a beautiful week!!!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love pretty delicate tea cups! What a great idea! ♥

Donna Heber said...

Hi Roselle,

I just adore your teacup planter. What a fabulous idea. I think succulents would be the best plants since teacups don't really drain. Let me know how it works out for you. Your teacup with roses and gold gilt is beautiful.

Johanna said...

nice cup and nice idea to use it as planter.
Thank you for sharing this idea.
Best greetings, Johanna.

Snap said...

I like it!! Wonderful way to use a *lonely* tea cup! Happy Tea Day!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

I think it is a great idea! Would look so cute on my patio! thanks


Lisa Macomber said...

super cute! I had a guest bring me one of those mini rose plants last week when I hosted a 4th of july event at our home. It sat on my counter for days right next to this empty tin I had recently purchased. Looks just an old jello tin but bigger, found it at an estate sale. Doing dishes 2 days ago I happened to look at both and now I have the mini rose in the large jello tin for now. But I much rather like the idea of succelents as the rose will get to big and need more room. Thanks for the lightbulb!

Lavender Cottage said...

I've used hens & chicks in small containers before and they do quite well - as Donna mentioned, drainage is the only issue. Yours in the teacup are very sweet looking.

Jill said...

I made planters out of plain white china cups and just love them. Your's is so sweet!

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Welcome to Tea Time, Roselle! What a darling little planter and don't teacups make the best planters? I have that same little teacup. It belongs to a Tea-for-one set that my sweet auntie gifted me with. Tea things make the cutest planters and floral arrangements, don't you think? Love yours! Thank you for sharing this with us and for joining me for tea. Have a delightful week, my friend.


Ever Green Tree said...

Lovely! Interesting idea...loved it.

Celestina Marie Designs said...

Hi Roselle,
This is a beautiful planter with your gorgeous tea cup. Don't you love to repurpose these treasures. I can so relate to you. You are so talented and inspiring.
Have a wonderful tea time Tuesday and thank you for sharing your pretty.
Hugs from Texas, Celestina Marie

Lorrie said...

What a great idea for single tea cups. They are so pretty.

poindextr said...

I've thought about that too, but haven't tried it. Looks adorable with a pretty plant tucked inside! Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my blog and leave a nice comment. I truly appreciate it. And if you don't mind, I'm just going to read a few posts... so happy to meet you :) Diane @ home sweet homemade

Cheryl said...

Thats to darn cute, thanks for sharing the idea!!!

Olivia said...

Oh, I just love this! I have a weakness for teacups too! Never thought to use them as a planter! Love, love,

Charlotte said...

What a cute idea. I love succulents and I like to grow them in unusual places. I never thought of a teacup, but it looks great.

You are very creative!

Stopped by from Tea Time Tuesday.

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh how adorable, Roselle, and WOW, I love your blog header!!! It's gorgeous AND brilliant!!


Miss Gracie's House said...

What a great idea...pretty, too!


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