Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Thrifting

Spring has finally sprung!  This beautiful tree is blooming PINK blooms.  I adore this tree and hate that it only blooms for about a week.  This was what greeted us today.  I took advantage of this gorgeous day and drove a few towns down to treasure hunt.
I was excited to find a little batch of wooden spools.  I have been loving all the creations I've been seeing all over blog land so I thought I'd give it a try.  The shakers are for holding buttons, glitter, etc.  I love the shape of the two in front.  They didn't even charge me extra for the salt that was still in it :::evil grin:::

That little cutie pie is a ceramic figurine.  I am wondering if anyone knows anything about her.  Could she be a Josef Original?  The bottom is marked "Made In Taiwan".  She's in pretty good shape and she's a keeper for me.

 She's so cute.  Lots of joy wrapped up in a 1.00 purchase!
This loot was 5.00.  My husband says I'm very easily entertained.  I find it funny when a thrift store has a sale.  No clue why, it just tickles my funny bone.  This sale was "buy a brown grocery bag for 5.00 and fill it with whatever you can" so I did!  I am very excited about the filigree frames.  The two other frames are so ornate and will look gorgeous painted white!

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Enjoy Spring!


Jillian said...

Your tree is beautiful! Glad you had fun thrifting!

Susan said...

The tree is gorgeous!! I love the little blue girl you found thrifting. She would fit in nicely with my guest room collection of figurines!

Diane Mars said...

That tree is beautiful, wow... I sure do love your treasures and the price was right~

Mari said...



Pam said...

That's my kind of sale. I could get into a lot of trouble for $5.00. Love your finds.

Painting Tips and Tricks said...

I like your blog!...Daniel

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh Roselle,
I was JUST thinking about you and you left a message for me! I was going to write to tell you that I had made a blog post dedicated to all my blogging buddies--I couldn't wait for you to read it!

I love this beautiful tree--WOW! And you got amazing treasures..I'm lovin' what your husband said about "easily amused!" LOL


The Polka Dot Closet said...

$5.00 what a great deal! I have never seen a sale like that, I don't know what your little figurine is, but she sure is cute!


Tee said...

Amazing Pink Tree! That would be an awesome sight to enjoy! Love your thrifty finds! And using a salt shaker to hold glitter is a wonderful tip! Enjoyed your post today! Tee

stampdiva said...

I had to visit your Blog after your beautiful comment on my Blog, Adorn for the altered eggs and egg box.
You have a lovely Blog and I so enjoyed studying the photographs of your amazing finds.
I'd love to go thrift shopping with you lol.
I am saving your Blog so I can visit time and time again.

Janet said...

Those are all great finds! I like using shakers for glitter, too! Your tree is stunning and it makes me sad that they only bloom for such a short time.

Holly- Girls At Heart said...

Good morning Roselle! Why do people leave the salt in?! So gross!
I saw a $5.00 sale once. Those are fun! Hurray for finding those frames. I haven't found an ornate frame in a long time.

We have about 100 apple trees and I can hardly wait till they bloom! Hopefully there won't be a huge rain or wind storm to shorten their blooming time even more.

Well, glad you had some thrifty amusemen! (Much cheaper than an amusement park!)

Pamela said...

Gorgeous tree!!
I've been on a thirfting roll lately too!
I love your new banner!

Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Roselle,
Ralph just got home and we were gone all day!!!
Just wanted to pop over and say "hi" and send hugs!


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