Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Simple Winter White Mantle

Slowly, I am returning our house to "normal" after the holidays.   Between visitors, visiting, various winter illnesses making their rounds thru our house, SNOW and more SNOW, it's taking me way longer that I had hoped to get our house back together.  Anyway, after all the clutter, sparkle and whimsy of the holiday decor, I am in the mood for a calming, less cluttered look. 
 I coupled vintage silver and glass to go over my mantle.  The large mirrored window sash above is unadorned right now, keeping with my simple theme.

The shells are ones we collected here at the Jersey shore or purchased in local boutiques because they were irrisistable (like the pink one holding up the starfish).  I love the tarnished silver vase.  A thrift store goodie that I couldn't sell.  LOL
 Before Christmas Kohl's was having a huge sale and this gorgeous mercury glass candle holder was only 4.00.  It came home with me.  The little Mercury glass tea light holder was part of a little package of gifts my daughters gave me for Christmas.
Another thrift store find.  I had white Christmas balls in here for the holiday.  Now it holds a glittered stafish and clam shell. 

Now, I will move on to decorating the top of our entertainment center.  Hopefully, it will be ready to share next White Wednesday!

Joining up today with Faded Charm for White Wednesday.


Victoria said...

Your mantel is so pretty! I agree, as much fun as holiday decorating is it does feel good to get back to basics and de-clutter after the holidays:)

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Isn't it great how clean and uncluttered everything looks when all of the holiday decor is gone. I always have trouble remembering where everything was before I moved it, it looks bare, but wonderful!


A Cottage Muse said...

Hi Roselle! I too felt my nest looked so bare after I took down my holiday decorations. I got used to it very quickly though! I love your mantel!

Amanda said...

Thank you for your visit this evening! I came right over to say hello and am so enjoying your blog! I am now a follower of yours too and I look forward to seeing what other pretty projects you're working on!
Best Wishes,

vintage vine said...

I think it looks great...sometimes simple feels so good! Love your blog!

Lululiz said...

It looks really lovely in its simple elegance.

Holly- Girls At Heart said...

Ahhhh... REFRESHING! I'm happy for you, girl. I haven't seen normal in a loooong time. I can feel it coming, though! ♥


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