Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sea Grass In The Snow

We are in the midst of a blizzard. Last time we checked, they said 12-18 inches by tomorrow. I took this shot of the side of our backyard this morning. It had only been snowing a short while. So peaceful and silent. Right before I took this picture, some sparrows were dining at the little red bird feeder. This is our sea grass. Can I just say I ADORE sea grass? It's planted in various spots around our yard and I think it is so pretty. It reminds me that the sea is only a 10 minute drive away over the bridge.
Hope you all had a joyous holiday. I am so over it. LOL Looking foward to decluttering, organizing, crafting, painting and just getting ready for Spring. Oh and since I ate many a homemade cookie yesterday and today, the diet/detox starts tomorrow!
I changed my blog header. I used a beautiful graphic from The Graphics Lady so I am linking up with Brag Monday at The Graphics Lady.


Cat & Cricket said...

Roselle~ Isn't it wicked horrible out? And the wind! Love your pics..I surprised you didn't get blown away though!
Stay safe!

A Cottage Muse said...

Hi Roselle ~ the weather outside is frightful! We have atleast a foot and it is still snowing!

I am looking forward to new projects around my nest but the first one is to get rid of those holiday pounds for me!!

Tina Eudora said...

I heard about your weather as we are on the edges of the same front and only going to get 1-2 inches this time! Sounds like you guys are getting the blizzard this time! Our turn will come soon I am sure!
I love your line about diet/detox, yep I am right there with you Roselle and anxious for the New Year and all the new art and creations it will bring.
Stay warm and be safe in all that snow!
Tina xo

Ginger said...

Love your new header and your blog looks great. Your sea grass is so pretty with the snow all over it. Oh how I wish I lived near the sea. I love visiting it. I like you am ready for spring.

Tami said...

Hi this snow! We are digging out of 30 inches. No one is moving around here!!
Keep warm sweetie..xo Tami

Olivia said...

I love your blog header and the grassy snow looks oh so Shabfabulous! We are in the middle of some warm weather 50's so I can't imagine! Are you trapped inside?
I am ready for spring too!


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