Thursday, July 15, 2010

Target Love...

I Love Target!!! There I said it. LOL
I must admit that I avoid the place at all costs. Every time I have gone in there for something I "need", I leave with more things that I just "want". Sigh
Anyway, I did NEED to go in there last week (travel essentials, toiletries, etc.), so off I went. I came away with things that I just had to have as a treat to myself. Believe me, I held myself back! LOL
I LOVE these enamelware bins. They are tres chic! White with a very pale blue interior and reading the French words "Bien" and "Savon". I am going to be adding sweet hand painted roses to these beauties and adding them to my ETSY shop if I can part with them! LOL
These tiny clothes pins are just too cute. They were in the dollar section. Can't beat that. I love the mini-ness of them and the polka dots.The pretty glasses came in a set of four. They also had striped ones. They came in a sweet turquoise and red. I so wish they had a pink set. I still may go back and get a striped set. They remind me of the vintage glasses I grew up with. Only they weren't "vintage" then .

Whatever you do today, I hope you enjoy it and do it with those you love.



Rebecca said...

Thank you for visiting me Miss Roselle and for the sweet comment your left on my little bloggie about the Baby Shoes!

Now...that said...


HELP ME, PLEASE! It's addicting and EXPENSIVE!

Love to you this summer evening~


Holly- Girls At Heart said...

Mini + dots = CUTE! ♥


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