Friday, July 16, 2010

Summer Cloche Party

I am joining Marty and all the other cloche lovers for a Summer Cloche Party (link on my sidebar). Here are just a few of mine. Just simple, mostly holding shells. I always move them around as the mood strikes. Around the holidays they hold ornaments, etc. As I was taking these pics, I realized I am pretty sure I got each one of these from a thrift store. Makes me want to go shopping today! Enjoy...
This one sits on a pretty frosted bowl which sits on a china plate. Nothing inside, just the beauty of the three pieces. More thrift goodies.
This glass holder had a silver plate lid. I painted it cottage white, added shells (what else) and there you go.
I think this is a mini cordial glass. It usually sits on one of my kitchen shelves. Again, holding shells.


Barbara Jean said...

Hi Roselle,
I love your little sea shell cloches!
I did not even think to show mine.
I think I have a cloche of about everything at my little gift shop. =)

Glad you liked my lantern nest cloche.
appreciate that you took time to come by


barbara jean

Bella said...

Hi Roselle.. Love your shells and cloches, a beautiful combination:-) I get the same way... I see something I love that I bought at a garage sale, and become obsessed with the idea of going again:-)

Holly- Girls At Heart said...

That silver lid turned out fab! ♥

Lynette Killam said...

How simple and beautiful your cloches are, Roselle! So clever to paint the silver lid white.

It was lovely to visit with you...



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