Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Thrift Store Loot

I have been lucky enough to be hitting the local thrift, antique, gift shops and consignment stores in my area lately. This is a sampling of just a few of my finds. I am in vintage, shabby, cottage, white, silver heaven!
I love the shape of these spoons. I have been on the lookout for a long while for vintage silverware holders. I was so happy I came across these silver ones at the local Habitat For Humanity for a mere $3.00! These are keepers for my dining room buffet.

I love love love this vintage wood mirror. The shape, the etching on the mirror, the whole Victorian feel. I can't wait to paint it cottage white, distress it and add shabby roses. CAN.NOT.WAIT!

This pretty white china rose plate is in almost perfect condition. Snagged it for $2.00 from the thrift store. It was sittin there all by it's lonesome. I wish other pieces were available to purchase. The rose spray in the center is to die for!

That's all for today. Can't decide if I should press my luck and hit a few more places today or just sit down and create already!! Who knows what the day will bring. It's still early!

I'm excited to share that I was featured on my first Etsy Treasury. Click the link below to take a peek. Also, if anyone knows how I can copy and paste and minimize the treasury for my sidebar, PLEASE let me know. I am still blog illiterate!

Neapolitan by armedwithstyle on Etsy



stefanie said...

what amazing finds!!!

Lynn-Teacupstitches said...

You hit the shabby jackpot Roselle!!
I love the curvy shell shape of the spoons and the Mirror is a Wowza find!!! It looks like it tilts? Its going to look so pretty painted white with roses!
You're on a roll so should hit some more thrify stores!!!
Hugs and Smiles,

Brenda-shabbycatsandroses said...

Hi Roselle :) Wow, you did score big with these fabulous treasures!! Can't wait to see the mirror when you put your special touches to it! You know, it's the one thing I've never really looked at before in Goodwill, and that is their silverware tray where they have all the serving pieces! I think I should start looking at that little section of the store :) Maybe I'll get lucky and find some gorgeous silverware to start collecting. Goodness, another collection to start...I can hear hubby now "Oh Good ...." LOL :)

Have a great up-coming weekend!

Warmest hugs to you, Brenda

Roselle said...

Lynn: Yes, the mirror tilts. I KNOW it is going to be very hard for my "vintage loving soul" to part with when it's done. I love it the way it is even now.

Brenda: You MUST look at the silver at Goodwill! Lately, the silver I am finding to paint or sell is staying with me, as is...all tarnished or shabby and on my dining room buffet. One of the dangers of the hunt..not wanting to part with the goodies!

stefanie said...

hi Roselle, you are doing nothing wrong, no one has linked up except Sweet Magnolias Farm, so anytime just add your link to the linky and advertise!!! thanks


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