Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday Musings....

Collecting...do you collect? I am into a few new things of late. Some of my collections, I have purposely gone on hunts for thru the years and others just seem to happen on their own. I didn't consciencely decide to collect vintage glass lidded jars but one day I realized I have lots. I tend to find them in my travels and buy the pretty lidded ones to hold my seashell collections in. So that is one collection that just "happened".

Right now I am into finding:
  • Homer Laughlin Pink Rose China

  • Depression glass green lidded jars

  • Putz or vintage mica houses

What do you collect and does anyone know where I can find my new favorites? LOL

Have a wonderful Tuesday!




Lisa said...

I too love Pink Rose China, it's gorgeous!

I only have a couple of pieces of green depression glass that belonged to my grandmother. A handled sandwich server and a divided candy dish.

Putz houses are awesome, I would love to find a stash of those.

Love your blog!


Roselle said...

Hey Sweet Lisa :)

I have been finding the Putz houses w/o even looking! LOL Now that I've decided I want to collect, I probably won't find another one for years! See ya over at MMP.


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