Sunday, April 11, 2010

First Post goes....

I have been selling my creations on eBay for about 6 years now. I can honestly say that this "old fashioned loving girl" didn't keep up with the times. Seems everyone joined ETSY, began blogging and joining online marketplaces. Well guess I am. Better late than never. No sense crying over spilled milk. Soooo, I joined the fabulous Make Mine Pink and this week plan on filling up my shelves over at ETSY. Oh and making this a prettier cottage blog!!! Here I hope to make new friends, share my love of anything cottage and chic and maybe inspire someone that way I've been inspired.

Onto fixing up this blog of mine :)

Warm regards,


Tanza said...

Hi Roselle,
Soo nice to have met you .. Good-luck in your new adventure !! The bloggy world is a wonderful, fun place to come along and play .. Can't wait to visit you again, I tried to find a follow button, but, couldn't find one :( Can't wait to see what you create .. Have a happy week my friend ~
hugs ~tea~xo

Roselle said...

Hi Miss Tea. Thanks for my first comment. :) I am still working my way around this blogging world. I will try to figure out how to add all of these buttons and links and photos oh my!


Georgia said...

Hello, Roselle!
Welcome to blogging and to Make Mine Pink (I'm a member, too!)! You will be happy that you have taken the plunge!!
I guess I have the honor of being your first follower! I will be back for visits often!!

Pink Hugs!!

Roselle said...

Hello Georia: I am so thrilled I have my first follower!!! Thanks for the encouragement! I will see you over at MMP!!

Sharon said...

Welcome to MMP~ we love you already!

Roselle said...

Thank you Sharon. Love you and your "rescued needlepoint". LOL
See ya over at MMP.

Elyse said...

welcome to blogging. you will love it! there is so much inspiration and generosity. it will amaze you!


Roselle said...

Thanks far I've met some sweethearts and have seen some amazing blogs. So addicting! I should be getting on with my day but here I sit. This is it though...I'm logging off.
Can't wait to get my goodies from you :)


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