Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Collecting Putz and Mica Houses

Yesterday I mentioned that I have a collection of Putz houses. This is actually a collection that began as an accident LOL. This year around Christmas I began seeing/buying similar houses that were brand new created in that "vintage style". Being the daughter of much older parents, I grew up with these houses as part of our holiday decorating. My dear parents are long gone and unfortunately many of these vintage goodies that I grew up with are as well. Anyway, being the nostalgic girl that I am, whenever I came across a new "vintage style" house, I would scoop it up for purchase. In my travels, I began finding genuine vintage ones which are called Putz houses (mica). Whenever I find one of these, I buy it as well now. The one on the right was purchased at Christmas but I didn't pack it away because I thought the colors would flow nicely with my other decor year round. The one on the left I found this weekend while treasure hunting with my oldest daughter. Right now they are displayed on the fire place mantle but I am a Gemini and get bored easily. They will be moved around numerous times I am sure. So, there you have one of my collections and how it came about.
Enjoy this pretty Spring day...

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The Pink Rose Cottage said...

That is funny that we both were thinking about accidental collections! I love your idea of keeping the Putz houses out year round. The colors are perfect to go with a lot of seasons.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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