Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Beauteous Website...

Sweet, kind and talented Rebecca over at A Gathering Place will be having her grand re-opening of her website today at 5:00 (Central time).

Check out for all of your cottage, romantic, chic and shabby gift ideas (for yourself or someone else!)

It's been a long awaited day from her fans, friends, customers and blog followers.

I have "known" of Rebecca for over five years. I "met" her over at eBay (we've never met in person). She is a very talented artist and seamstress. She also has a way with words and her beautiful blog never ceases to inspire me or give me food for thought. I can relate to so many things she says and I just love the way she weaves a spell with her ideas, words and photos. Though she is a busy businesswoman, wife, Mother and Grandmother, she always answers her emails with a kind word - ready to lend a hand.

She is so talented. Never afraid to share her artistic "secrets" with tutorials and pics. I am a fellow artist and I am so grateful for her expertise although I won't even attempt my hand at sewing! I own two of her gorgeous pillows. Her talent is amazing. I will leave the sewing to her :::grins::::

So, tonight pull up a comfy chair, pour yourself your favorite beverage and enjoy online shopping at it's finest.

I am proud to have this special lady on my list of online friends that I have never met IRL.

Have A Great Saturday



Free Pretty Things For You said...

Hi there!
i noticed that you like vintage clip art :)
Hope you like my edited images!
nice to meet you by the way! im keren!

Roselle said...

Hello Keren...Nice to meet you :)
LOVE vintage clip art...your blog/site looks fab. I'll be sure to check it out and add a button to my blog. Thanks for contacting me.
Warm regards,

Elyse said...

hi roselle!

i am just about to package your order and saw that you have a blog! how fun!

happy weekend


Marie said...

HI Roselle,

Really enjoyed visiting your blog. I will stop at your friend's blog as well.
Love your quotes.

Roselle said...

Thanks for visiting Marie. I LOVE finding new quotes. Glad you liked them. Come back often!
Warm regards,

Rebecca said...

Roselle...just caught wind of your SWEET write-up my friend. My how you BLESSED ME! My grand reopening was fabulous and I was sooo thrilled with the opening outcome. God is good and sooo faithful to his children.

Blessings to you my friend. Love, love love your bloggie!


Roselle said...

Back atcha sweetie!!!


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